Saturday, May 14, 2016

(WF) Blue Crew, Best Crew

20.109 has by far been the best and most rewarding class I've taken at MIT (actually, probably ever in my life). This entire post is essentially going to be a shout-out to my lab group (honestly, they deserve it) for being the greatest ever! So at the very beginning of the year, before the semester started, Preksha and I had already decided to be lab partners (lol).

To give some background,  I've known Preksha since day 2 of FPOPs 2k14 (there's an interesting story to how we met, but I digress..). I've known Madi since day 2 of 20.109 (but apparently messaged her back in the day asking for a textbook....that I never bought, awk). But then we all came together in 109. And it was quite an interesting experience. We had many issues with our experiments...not working/giving us results we wanted/expected. Thus, we would often be sitting there very stumped. Thankfully, the great instructors helped us out many, many times. (Thank you guys so so much for everything - re-running our experiments, explaining everything to us, being super positive overall, etc. :)

From our long hours in the stud dealing with our very useless protein (woo I62D!) to the countless hours in office hours to getting microliters and milliliters mixed up to avoiding looking in the flask with the aspirated liquid waste to being the one group with a very odd yellow phage solution to planning out our "ground-breaking" idea and having dinner at Pika, it has been great! Thank you guys for making this class as amazing an experience for me as it was! Don't think it would've been nearly as fun without our shenanigans and mishaps (throwback to throwing away the foil and asking for more in the most indirect way ever haha).
pretty accurate gif of us in class


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