Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thank You For Everything

Yes, I'm going to write a completely cheesy post. My roommate would say that I'm being a total "cheese sandwich." However, I think a few very special people deserve my immense gratitude.

Dear Leslie,
Thank you so much for being the main person I could go to for any questions. I swear, we have these long email chains that mainly consisted of me frantically asking for advice or clarification on a major assignment. You always took the time to ease my anxiety as soon as you could. I know that looking over slides I sent you or some of my questions took time away from your family. I know how valuable that time must be for you and I'm very grateful for that. Thank you for making yourself so approachable and such a great professor to work with!

Dear Noreen,
Thank you for being such a positive force. Every morning you would always smile and say good to everyone who walked into class. You'd ask how our week had been and if there was anything going on the next weekend. Although someone might consider those things small or just being polite, those actions can really change a person's day from a bad start to a good one. Thank you for listening to my embarrassing story when I was worried about the journal club presentation and sharing your own. Thank you for coming in on a Sunday so I could make up the protein purification lab. You're truly a kind person!

Dear Maxine,
Thank you for going the extra mile. On multiple occasions I had heard you had prepared something for our lab the next day or was told "Ask Maxine, she's the expert on this." There were many times during lab that I would be struggling with a calculation and all I would have to say is "Hey Maxine, could you help me with this?" and you'd come over, check our calculation, double check your calculation, and offer me any help you could. Thank you for suggesting research articles for possible explanations in our Mod 3 mini report. Thank you for being supportive and taking the extra step to help me understand something better.

To you three lovely ladies, thank you for all the time and effort you have dedicated to this course and to our success. I hope you all have a relaxing and amazing summer! Perhaps I might see you around?

Best Regards,
Liz Strand  

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