Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Feeling the Love

I have to say that 20.109 has been by far my favorite class at MIT to date. From all the incredibly cool experiments we have done and bioengineering techniques we've learned, to all of the last minute hustling to turn in huge assignments and getting over presentation anxiety, it has been a truly humbling experience. I can confidently say that coming out of 20.109 I feel like I have a firm grasp of what bioengineering really is, and how I can effectively communicate this awesome science to others.

Each module showed me really interesting aspects of bioengineering. I feel like I actually can talk about things like designing and engineering proteins, assessing cellular pathways, and creating virus-based batteries! But we already knew that the science was going to be amazing, let's talk about people.

The people in 20.109 is what truly made the class special for me. Our wise professors guided us through each module introducing big picture concepts as well as scientific methodologies to tackle these concepts. Also, I have to appreciate the amount of time and effort that the instructors put into the labs. Maxine was an absolute delight to have as an instructor in lab and she made every day in lab understandable, smooth, and exciting. I am utterly grateful for how much effort she puts into the class which is definitely noticed by us students.

Last but not least, my wonderful lab partner Alexa. We became a match made in heaven. From not knowing each other at all on the first day of lab to becoming the best of friends by the last day of lab, we formed a special bond under the 20.109 roof. We worked really efficiently together and also had a blast every single day of lab. We would blast music and encourage each other by praising our wonderful partnership, while always putting the science first of course! One of my favorite quotes from our whole experience is: "Under pressure, we are literally diamonds".

20.109 would definitely not have been the same without all of the wonderful involved to make the class a truly enlightening and enriching experience. Now that the class is over, I really feel that 20.109 love, and more importantly that bioengineering love, which I can't wait to spread all around to all the Course 20's in generations to come.

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