Saturday, May 14, 2016

Here are Thank Yous!

Here are Thank Yous!

I wrote this piece reflecting on module two, it was unbelievable. It was definitely challenging, but also very rewarding. These are my real thoughts on my general experience in module two.

It's an opportunity that cannot be compared,
I had no idea how DNA was repaired,
And thought that I was not prepared,

The labs began with a flu,
But time just flew,
Counting the cells in brain tissue,
Staining the dead ones blue,
From desiging slides to peer review,
So little time, so much due,
I thought it's amazing
How about you?
And to the instructors who
Saved our experiments, thank you.
Western blot, how to do
Analysis on proteins too
Flow cytomertry, is how to
use laser to view
Shining cells going through
A tube, to quantify tru-
ly the efficiency of DNA repair, using a breakthrough,
Developed by the Samson lab, another thanks to you

Yours truly,
Saleem A. Aldajani

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