Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thank You

All in all, 20.109 was a great experience. It had its ups and downs for sure, but the lessons it taught me were invaluable and I can't thank the teaching staff and my partner enough. From quick replies to emails, to giving us so much food (#figandolivecrackers), to crazy amounts of office hours, to coming in on weekends to fix our failed experiments, you guys were amazing. I’m so grateful to you guys for giving us so much of your time and energy. It’s part of what made this class such a good experience and part of what made me want to do well in it and improve as a scientist and communicator. 

I really appreciate the feeling of camaraderie that you all had with the students as well – it always felt like we were on the same side, whether it be about deadlines, grades, or even experiments. This is the kind of relationship I used to have with my teachers in high school, and I felt it was really missing after coming to college. Being one student out of a lecture hall of 150 didn’t really help. But I’m very happy to have found it again in 20.109 and I will really miss everything about this class. 

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