Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What am I going to do with my life?????

I always knew I wanted to go into biological engineering.  That's what motivated me to apply to MIT, and then when I got in, I quickly told people this is what I intended to major in.  I was excited!  I loved biology and I wanted to be hands on with my work, so how could this plan fail?

Then my relatives would ask me, "So what do you do as a biological engineer?"

At the time, I literally had no idea.  I would give a vague answer like "oh I just apply biological principles to engineering."  Nice, Nicole.

And yet, I still decided to pursue it.  I had this gut feeling that even I didn't know what I was doing yet, it would work out and I would love it.

Guess what? I WAS RIGHT.

20.109 has been my first introduction to things that actual bioengineers do:  Protein engineering with calcium sensors, DNA repair mechanisms, and phage batteries, oh my!  There are so many fields to explore, and now I can proudly say that I've tasted a few of them.  And I even have some evidence to show! (I will proudly be taking our battery home to my parents.  They will be proud of their new grandchild.  Jackie and I have named it "Dot".)

Now when my relatives ask me what I do, I can give them specific answers that'll blow their mind.  It will sound even more impressive since they probably won't even know what I'm talking about.  I can attempt to introduce them to this amazing and ever-growing field.  All of the selections are fantastic!!!!

So, do I know what I'm going to do yet? No.  But there's still time.  All that's important right now is that I'm positive I'm pursuing the right field for me.  I am so excited for what is to come...even if it doesn't make sense just yet.

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