Saturday, May 14, 2016

Evolution of my Writing Experience in 20.109

Mod 1 Protein Summary:

  • I write too much
  • Why does everything have to be in bullets?
  • Seems kind of choppy
  • What on earth am I supposed to say about this?
  • At least I have my partner
  • Promised myself I would revise on the flight home
  • I didn't necessarily lie to myself
  • But we still did most of the revision the night before
  • Sorry for the somewhat sassy revision cover letter

Mod 2 Research Article:

Now I was all on my own. There was no Nicole to help me with some miraculous new idea. Not only that, but we would not be given a revision step with feedback. Also, my thoughts actually had to be written down in concise sentences, which was still a skill I didn't possess. I spent many hours writing my report, finding peace and quiet either at Stata, the Stud, or one of the mini lounges in four east. I spent over 32 hours working on that report. The funny part is that I still don't have any closure: Nicole and I received each other's graded articles and have yet to exchange them.

Mod 3 Mini Report:


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