Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Science Fiction and Reality

Bioengineering always struck me as a field taken straight from the pages of science fiction. This discipline involves the manipulation of biology to create surprising and useful inventions. As a result, bioengineering is called upon to explain the plot or patch up plot holes in modern super hero or action movies.

(Spider cat, spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does…)

Sometimes reality is just as wild as fiction. Real bioengineering is responsible for some amazing things. Where else would you expect to encounter batteries grown from bacteria phage or genetically engineered animals that glow?

In fact, it seems that bioengineering is all about making impossible inventions possible by tapping into what nature has already honed through evolution. As with all science, bioengineering is full of surprises.

These unexpected events make experimentation all the more exciting and can lead to fantastic new insights that advance our understanding of the world. Because of this, I can definitively say that by studying and applying biological engineering I am taking part in making science fiction into reality.

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