Saturday, May 14, 2016

Notes to Self

Reflecting on my 20.109 learning experience, I realize that the most elucidating part of any lab has been the pre-lab lecture, where the rationale behind every step we take is explained on clearly laid-out slides. Effectively, the pre-lab is like pre-reading for a class, which is something that would be perhaps helpful for other classes as well, and perhaps something I should try next semester. 

Pointers like these are another thing that this class has taught me. While my thoughts about my own study habits are fresh in my mind, I will compile a list of reminders to my future self.


1) Ask questions. As my choreographer always says, it's always better to ask than to not know. And you will be so much happier once you understand what you are doing. Why wait until later to understand when you can understand now?

2) Pre-read short readings before lecture. These 5 minutes will be the most productive 5 minutes ever, best done not between the hours of 2am and 9am. You will be primed for the knowledge given to you during class. If time does not permit or your brain does not process, still do the reading after lecture to reinforce. 

3) Summarize what you have done each day in your head or on paper. This way, you will know exactly what you did and why. This allows you to maintain perspective of the big picture and is helpful for understanding the purpose of each step / not being a robot. 

And that is all for now, future self. You might be laughing at the callowness of a past Jacqueline who would write down such seemingly obvious points, but save that laughter for after a few classes, when you manage to do these things.

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