Saturday, May 14, 2016

I know they told us 7 posts, but so hard to say goodbye

We spent so much time together, and on the class assignments. This will be deeply missed, I have no idea how to describe this feeling of achievement at the end of the course, mixed with the sadness of departing all the great staff, students, lectures and projects throughout the semester.

What I will miss:

1- The forest seen by my lab partner, Jordan Smith, while I kept my eyes on the trees. Complimentary skills combined and dedicated to the best performance.

2- The supporting space created by the teaching staff in office hours, and the additional office hours around major assignments.

3- The weirdest snacks that I have ever seen...

4- The students that we spent so much time with.

5- The interactions with the teaching staff that taught me an insane amount of knowledge and trained so many useful skills.

6- Our lab bench, as team orange, now the color orange sends a chill down my spine since this is over forever.

7- The list can keep going on, but I encourage the entire class to add more and more thoughts to the list. I am sure that the course staff will find use and feedback with this kind of information!

In the end, the people will always stay in heart and thoughts, and the skills will always be remembered and improved with the foundation established in this class. Best of luck everyone, always.

Though hopes to see you around,
Saleem Aldajani

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