Saturday, May 14, 2016

Overall Reflections As A Non-Course 20

Overall Reflections As A Non-Course 20

This class was definitely one of those classes that change your life. I found it more rewarding as a CI-M than the other CI-M that I took for course 10. The standards were higher, the class was more structured, and the assignments were super intense. If you ever have to do writing and presentations in other classes, you'd nail them after 20.109 skills. I experienced this first-handedly.

In terms of the science and how it taught, it is absolutely phenomenal. I felt no problems with my limited background and the lectures and pre-labs were more than enough to understand all of the material. I was caught up to speed very quickly and was able to perform with no barriers.

The pace was really fast, but it was fun. I really enjoyed it, and you also develop a great relationship with your lab partner. Lab periods become better and better as the 20.109 family gets closer and closer. The instructors and labs involved do a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure we are successful, whether it was redo-ing failed experiments, or doing the time-sensitive parts of experimentation outside of lab periods. That is something I do not commonly see in other classes.

These may be unique reflections since not many non-course 20s take this course. So I thought if I focused a post on it, it might spark a discussion that can potentially make constructive change. Please share your thoughts, and I'll try to update this with more content– as I am still processing all the skills I learned, all the feedback I received, and how to use them to improve my performance and enhance my preparation for what is yet to come.

-Saleem Aldajani

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