Saturday, May 14, 2016

Learned More 7.05 In 20.109 Than In 7.05

Learned More 7.05 In 20.109 Than In 7.05

This was a thought I wanted to share since the beginning of the semester. I had limited biology background since I only took 7.012 three years ago, and was in 7.05 and 20.109. In 7.05, the concepts was taught so ambigously and was not clear at all. 20.109 it was all made clear and it was learned way faster and more efficiently in less lectures. Here is the list of topics that I think were the most prominent.

1- Binding Affinity & Cooperativity
In module 1.

2- Protein Purification
In module 1 and 2.

In module 2.

5- GEL Electrophoresis
In module 1 and 2.

6- The Central Dogma
In all modules tbh.

It would be great if other students who took both classes share their thoughts on this. I'm not sure if it's just me or if this is actually true. Please think about it and let me know!

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