Thursday, May 12, 2016

Really random musings about Mod 3, VIRUS BATTERIES OMG, and course 20

Mod 3 was super cool!! During the Moving Day celebrations, they mentioned Professor Belcher and her work and how she makes batteries out of viruses and I bet everyone in 20.109 was sitting there like:

That's my professor. I did that in class. I'm cool, ok. I sure was!! I think it was a super interesting experiment, mostly because I hadn't done anything like it before. It is true that most of the module I was confused as to what exactly we were doing. I remember when we were trying to write up our mini-report, we were all sitting there like..."so what exactly did we do...?". We pretty much got the important idea (AKA what we get to brag about :P) - battery made out a virus.       
This module taught me how diverse biological engineering really is. The applications aren't just in the life sciences - they're all over! There was definitely a point where I had considered switching out of Course 20, but this class 100% convinced me to stay in the major and reminded me what it is that I love about bioengineering. This class has been the first time I've seen how the information learned in other classes is useful in a practical setting. 
I've also learned so many things in class that I hadn't yet learned from my other lab experiences! There's a lot more that goes into writing and presenting and it's pretty different for various types of research. I really liked being able to learn lab skills that I don't necessarily use in my UROP/other lab experiences. Even though the class was a ton of work, it didn't feel like it some days because I really liked what I was doing and I definitely got a lot out of the class! I'm definitely sad that it's over, but happy I learned so so much! (and that i have more time in my life again :P)
Time to go from this:

To this:

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