Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ooooh, We're [More Than] Halfway There..


✔ Mod 1: Protein Engineering
✔ Protein engineering mini presentation
✔ Journal Club presentations
✔ Mod 2: System Engineering article

Now let's talk about that last one--the (infamous) Mod 2 report. We were told about it WAYYYY in advance; I had it penned into my calendar since the beginning of the semester. And yet, it snuck up on me. There I was, indoors on Marathon Monday, trying to ignore all the festivities I was missing as I worked on the report with Olivia in the student center. Sometime over the weekend, after office hours (just my luck), I had hit this writer's block:

And that was when I was still on the Results section of my paper. There was still the Abstract, Intro, and References...As I looked at the clock, I internally felt like this:

BUT WAIT, it got better worse. I'd hastily written an abstract and introduction that was based on homework assignments we'd completed previously, but my discussion section was half written by 4:58pm, two minutes before the deadline. I realized I couldn't hand in a 90% finished report and lamented to Olivia. She suggested that I take a full late day, because it'd be worth the 3 point penalty if it meant I could hand in a more complete report. And that's what I did that--I took a late day (and felt like this for the rest of the day):

I worked on the report again after dinner, but the figures I had initially chosen for my article didn't fit together. I had forgotten why they made sense in the order that they were. So naturally, I turned to Leslie and Noreen for help. Thankfully, Leslie agreed to let me come into her office hours on Tuesday. Guess what? I was there for five hours straight. Her office became my second home for the better part of the day. We'd sat down and reoutlined my report and I'd felt more confident about my story, but around 4:30pm, I ran out of time again. (Sense a trend going on here?) But in the end, I finished my Mod 2 report and never looked back.

Jk.. I went to Noreen's OH and told her of my suffering that day in Leslie's office. THEN I never looked back at that report again.

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