Sunday, April 24, 2016

Keys to Success

Halfway through my preparation for the Journal Club article presentation, I had a soul crushing realisation. I was a one trick pony.

My topic of choice was male fertility. My Module 1 topic of choice? Female fertility. I was all about the baby-making, and it was... Kinda weird, mostly coincidental.

But try as I might, I couldn't bring myself to switch my article choice. The more I read, the more engrossed I became. I realised that despite my hang-ups about the research topic, I was happy to spend time learning and talking about the issue of fertility, and the many ways in which it genuinely interested me.

I took my time perusing my Journal Club article, annotating where necessary, looking up related articles and topics whenever they came up. I carefully animated my slides and savoured the story I was constructing. And when the time came to present all I had learnt, I was cool, calm and collected.

Okay, that last bit isn't true, I was kind of a nervous wreck, like most of us amirite? But my point is, Journal Club was a truly enjoyable experience, and I'm so happy to have invested my time in learning about human fertility. The best part of 20.109 is being able to sample the various aspects and fields of bioengineering, until you find one that suits your palate. And don't be shy to stick with it! Passion is the key to BE (and life!).

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