Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Uphill Battle

Before starting to write my report, I thought that the activation energy required to simply begin writing the report would be far greater than the energy required to write the report itself and once I started it would be an easy roll down the mountain. I was completely wrong. It was an uphill battle every moment up until the point of submission. 

Make no mistake, I was fully prepared for the momentous amount of work that would have to go into the report, but what I was not prepared for was having a quite drastic life-changing event the Friday before the report was due. My study space and environment was totally turned upside down and I struggled to find a place to work where I could focus and be productive without a gloomy cloud lingering over me. And so the battle became even worse, where not only was I climbing a huge mountain but I was going uphill with chains around my ankles. 

I usually love scientific writing and I generally enjoy making scientific reports and generating data. There is something soothing about organizing all my numbers and generating aesthetically-pleasing graphs and whatnot. I think if I would have dedicated more time to the report and not been blindsided by the events from Friday, I would have actually really enjoyed writing this report as well. It was great to think about crafting a story to tell with our data, and I felt like a real scientist gathering all the bits and pieces of the puzzle to get a look at the bigger picture. 

However, the report in combination with the Friday events totally drained me of energy and ability to focus. I searched desperately for places to focus and work because my normal environment was flipped on its head. Despite this I forged forward with my armor ready for any battles ahead, charged through everything and made it to the end.


With this report, I just faced a huge challenge in terms of dealing with adversity in the face of huge assignments and academic load. I feel stronger for having overcome everything and successfully finishing this mammoth assignment. 

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