Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How It All Started...

How It All Started

I joined the Biomolecular Materials Group back in sophomore year,
I was a physics and math major looking for something interesting to do here,
A mentor directed me to Prof. Angela Belcher, and oh dear,

I was just fascinated by all that can be done with bio gear,
Science and engineering that you'd generally hear by ear,
Started to become a reality and began to be clear,
However, such techniques were beyond my atmosphere,
It was difficult at first, but I decided that there was no fear,
To explore, practice makes perfect, one day it'll adhere,
And since then, I found myself stuck in this wonderful sphere.

So, I started biological-chemical engineering along my physics degree,
But 7.02 was not nearly as interesting as 20.109 you see,
My research in course three got closer to twenty!
The interest in one subset of bioengineering became many,
And learning the fundamentals had to be the key,

I approached Prof. Belcher and asked her about 20.109,
She recommended it highly and thought it would be great to combine,
To put my skills physics and chemical engineerings in line,
With the research that was always a thrill down my spine,

I petitioned for the substitution, and bam!
Within a few days I was working on inverse pericam,
A few weeks later I was speaking about it on cam,

Even though module one has sadly departed,
What I have learned so far is already uncharted,
More to come, and I am approaching module two whole-hearted,
But then again, this is just the beginning: the story of how it all started.

- Saleem A. Aldajani

P.S. I was planning to rap this with my hologram self, but time has been limited. Just wait for the next blog post, and if you are too impatient, below is a link to my hologram rapping about special relativity for my final project in 8.20! (Introduction To Special Relativity)

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